About The Files
August 14, 2016 07:04AM
We must point out that we do our best to make sure that every file uploaded on this site is of a quality file. We are not perfect no one is but we do our best to bring you a good library of files. here are the key points we consider before posting a file. We also encourage any potential uploaders to follow the same structure.

    [*] Files are tested before in a VM for proper expected operation
    [*] Registration information appears correct

The check is done quickly. We don't check every little function of every program. That would take years. We also don't expect any one to do the same. Just a quick look to make sure everything seems fine is all that is needed. If the file has major problems. Users will report it as bad.(hopefully we don't get many of these!) or comment a solution fix to the issue.

Thanks all for using [radiogaga.ga]
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