Site Rules
December 08, 2015 09:36AM
Welcome to Your classic Windows Abandonware center.

Please feel free to drop by and use this site's resources as often as you like. For basic viewing of forum posts. Registration is not required. The same goes for file downloading. Guests have a restricted download speed of under 512kbps, Or ISDN speeds. If you wish to download many files. It is then best to register for an unlimited file downloading account, over at the downloads page. A registered download account also grants you access to the upload function of our server. If you wish to contribute by helping us build up a better complete selection of files.

What Can Be Uploaded Here


File uploads are all done over at the downloads section of the site. Please do not try to post a file in the forums. This will not work. No file attachments inside a forum post. Registered forum accounts are separate from the downloads section. It is best to use the same user name for registration to avoid confusion but is not mandatory.

Uploading of following is permitted

    [*] Abandonware full windows 16 bit and early 32bit games and programs.
    [*] Vintage device drivers
    [*] Free or "shareware" functional abandonware files for windows
    [*] Dos files needed or essential for the operation of programs and games that may depend on it but run on Windows. ( No general DOS abandonware here please. The Internet already has many sites that service the DOS topic extensively well)

Our goal at, Is to build a file repository with a focus on early Windows operating systems. Such as Windows 3.1, dipping a little into early 32 bit windows, Up to windows 98. We feel there are plenty of DOS abandonware resources. But lack a good English software mainstream site for old abandonware Windows files. Our Goal is to fill that void.

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