Welcome to the Site
December 05, 2015 04:03PM
Welcome all users. We are a new community geared towards early Windows computing. As you can probably see from the feel of this site. We host a nice abandonware file repository section as well. Feel free to check that out. It has over a thousand files and growing everyday.

Please take the time to register for an account here at the forum. This will allow you to post and participate with us within the forums. A good starting point is to introduce yourself.

Please note that an account is not needed to read the forums or access the downloads section. All files remain available once they have been uploaded by everyone. If you wish to contribute and upload. Then feel free to create an upload account on the download site. Our file repository section has separate registration from the forum. We are looking into ways on how we may change this in the future.

Rules are simple. Be nice. treat each other with respect. Any posts promoting any non legal activities or spam will be removed and user will be banned.

And of course most important point of all. Have fun experiencing classic Windows and feel the nostalgia with us!

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