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Windows Abandonware

Welcome, Here you can browse our large selection of abandonware files for Windows9x or older. Such as games, applications and misc goodies from back in the day. Please note: Guest users are limited at a download speed of around ISDN, It is our way of saying thank you for visiting. So you can grab a Windows abandonware file quickly without registering. At the same time it keeps our servers running better. It is a classic rate to remember. The old ISDN days. If you want to come back often. Please feel free to register for a free account. This will let you download at much faster speeds. Thanks for dropping by. Feel free to visit anytime as we are always updating content.

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1. Symantec ProComm Plus 4.8 Downloads 358
2. Laplink Gold 11.2 Downloads 149
3. Symantec PC Anywhere 9.0 Downloads 106
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Description Date
Xitami Webserver
Http and Ftp Server for Windows for Workgroups 3.11.
09. December 2015
Not rated yet
707,50 kB
Windows for Workgroups 3.11 Point-to-Point Server
Point-to-Point Server
enables your WFWG 3.11 system to accept incoming calls from other Remote
Access clients. This allows other people (or you, from hom...
10. December 2015
Not rated yet
302,38 kB
UniSyn Chat v2.0a
UniSyn Chat v2.0a for Win95/WinNT 4.0.
15. December 2015
Not rated yet
480,75 kB
TCPSpy v1.0
For Windows 95.
14. December 2015
Not rated yet
71,28 kB
Symantec ProComm Plus 4.8 Rating: 2.5
For Windows9x/ME/2000
Procomm Plus gives you unsurpassed versatility and reliability for
terminal emulation and file transfers. By supporting over 30 diffe...
28. August 2016
2.5 (20 Votes)
26,64 MB
Symantec PC Anywhere 9.0
For Windows9x
Instantly access data and applications from your office computer or network, from home or on the road.
Connect to your office PC at home or o...
12. February 2016
Not rated yet
15,47 MB
Serv-U - FTP server for MS-Windows.
14. December 2015
Not rated yet
418,88 kB
Remote Desktop 32 v2.0.2
Remote Desktop 32 v2.0.2 for Windows 95.
14. December 2015
Not rated yet
1,17 MB
Remote Access 2.50 Release
Remote Access 2.50 Release. For Windows 95.
14. December 2015
Not rated yet
851,96 kB
Radix 1.1
For Windows 95/98/ME/2000
Radix is a 32-bit Client/Server service management application built
with state-of-the-art Microsoft development tools and MySQL ...
19. September 2016
Not rated yet
20,63 MB
pcANYWHERE32 for Windows 95 and Windows NT Date: 11/30/95
14. December 2015
Not rated yet
4,16 MB
PC-Duo 4.11
For Windows9x
PC-Duo is a fully featured Remote Control package. PC-Duo provides access to workstations on both local and remote IPX, NetBIOS, or TCP/IP net...
22. January 2016
Not rated yet
7,27 MB
PC Anywhere 9.2
For Windows9x/NT/2000
If you need to work from home or on the road, pcAnywhere lets you
connect to your office PC to transfer files quickly and easily. Its...
27. July 2016
Not rated yet
18,61 MB
Observer 5.2
For Windows9x
Observer is a effective software only Windows-based network monitor and LAN troubleshooting tool. Observer can monitor single-segment LANs and...
11. January 2016
Not rated yet
3,95 MB
Network Toolbox 1.3
For Windows 95.
15. December 2015
Not rated yet
0,97 MB
Net Monitor 1.0
For Windows9x
NetMonitor is a program that allows a "view" of a
computer monitor of the remote computer, which is
network must work properly) To...
29. July 2016
Not rated yet
10,00 kB
MySQL Manager Professional 1.6
For Windows 95/98/ME/2000
EMS MySQL Manager provides you powerful and effective tools
for MySQL Server administration and objects management. Its
04. October 2016
Not rated yet
4,63 MB
MultiChat v5.6
Multi-Chat v5.6 From MicroSFT.
14. December 2015
Not rated yet
429,67 kB
Laplink Gold 11.2
For Windows 95/98/ME/2000
Our latest release continues to raise the standard for PC-to-PC
connectivity including enhanced Internet functionality; ultra-fa...
18. September 2016
Not rated yet
26,39 MB
Laplink 6.0 for Windows
Early PC to PC file transfer networking.
06. December 2015
Not rated yet
5,69 MB
TCP/IP speed-o-meter for Windows 95.
15. December 2015
Not rated yet
53,21 kB
FlashFXP 1.4 Build 825