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Windows Abandonware

Welcome, Here you can browse our large selection of abandonware files for Windows9x or older. Such as games, applications and misc goodies from back in the day. Please note: Guest users are limited at a download speed of around ISDN, It is our way of saying thank you for visiting. So you can grab a Windows abandonware file quickly without registering. At the same time it keeps our servers running better. It is a classic rate to remember. The old ISDN days. If you want to come back often. Please feel free to register for a free account. This will let you download at much faster speeds. Thanks for dropping by. Feel free to visit anytime as we are always updating content.

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Opening Night
For Windows 3.1/95/98/ME
Microsoft Golf: Multimedia Edition
For Windows 3.1/95/98/ME
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File: Total Soccer from jsantos1980
Look for patch
File: Maple V Release 5 from winrules

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System updates and patches for Windows.

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Here you can download various classic versions of Windows.

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Files once found on various free and shareware medias such as magazines cds and internet bbs file downloads.

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Various CD images of multimedia and Application CD-Rom software titles such as but not limited to interactive content.

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